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manton-caThe Air up There!

Nestled in the foothills of the cascade mountains, you’ll find the tiny town at the mouth of the Manton Valley, where Lassen Peak provides a spectacular, ever-present backdrop. At each stop along this gently curving mountain road, you meet new friends you feel you’ve known forever as you enjoy their hospitality and taste their wines. These wines are special; you’ll learn the rich volcanic soil that Lassen Peak provides creates some of the best red wines in the country. As the road gently climbs up the valley, vineyard rows are a beautiful surprise among the increasing pine trees and peaceful meadows of the mountain landscape. The vineyards in the upper reaches of the valley regularly see blankets of snow and this too helps create those flavors unique to these mountain wines. The slightly eclectic flavor of each vineyard also conveys the flavor of the location. You’ll learn how harvest techniques change the flavor of the experience. Manton asks you to “Change your altitude” which is frequently misread as “Change your attitude.” You’ll find changing your altitude does change your attitude with each surprise discovery you make as you experience Manton ascension.

Shasta Daisy Vineyard

Shasta Daisy Vineyard is located in the Northeastern corner in Tehama Country at the western base of Lassen Peak; a stunning site at an elevation of 3,500. This wine experience is exceptionally unique!   For more information, visit


Mount Tehama Winery

Independently owned vineyard and winery in Manton, California. Located near Lassen Volcanic National Park at an elevation of 2,660 feet, we grow the finest grapes using organic farming practices. The secret is in the soil. This region of Northern California has been marked by volcanic activity for many thousands of years. Lassen Volcanic National park […]


Cedar Crest Vineyards

Cedar Crest Vineyards is located in the foothills of  Lassen in Manton, California. The rich volcanic soils provide a perfect wine growing environment and the wines of Cedar Crest are a fine example of the unique characteristics of wines in this region.  The winery offers a beautiful escape from the city and a relaxing day […]


Alger Vineyards

Come experience our passion for making great wines from superb, estate grown grapes and winemaking practices. Our grapes feast on volcanic earth, snowmelt waters from Lassen Volcanic National Park and abundant sunshine here in Northern California. Farming practices are genuine. Bob Marr’s, the winemaker, phenomenal knowledge of winemaking and his attention to detail is very […]


Indian Peak Vineyards

Indian Peak Vineyards is a small family owned and operated winery in the little town of Manton in Northern California. We also offer our wines at our charming offsite tasting room located in Graeagle CA. Our goal is to produce the very best quality wine possible from our unique location. We are currently producing Cabernet […]